Consular, Passport and Visa Division

Legal Assistance Abroad

Q: Do Indian Missions provide any legal assistance to distressed Overseas Indians?

Yes, Indian Missions provide initial legal assistance to distressed Indians, but only in the most deserving cases and on a ‘means-tested’ basis, i.e. if the distressed Indian is assessed to be otherwise unable to afford such legal help on his/her own. Such initial legal assistance may include:

  • Financial assistance provided to file or to fight a case, but only where the concerned person is not able to meet the expenditure for the purpose.
  • Interpreter facilities may be provided where language is a barrier.
  • Indian Mission may suggest empanelled NGOs, which provide assistance/consultation in litigation process.
Q: Does the Indian Mission/Post fight court cases on behalf of an overseas Indian?

No, Indian Missions/Posts do not fight court cases on behalf of Indian nationals. In a few countries, Indian missions have arrangements with empanelled local NGOs to assist overseas Indians for litigation processes. For more details on this, it is advisable to directly contact the Indian mission concerned.

Q: Does the Government of India have any scheme for providing legal or financial assistance to Indian Women deserted by their Indian/Foreigners spouses abroad?

Yes, there is an Indian Community Welfare Fund(ICWF) which is being funded and operated by the Missions/Posts abroad. Please click the link below for details of the fund: