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Resolution of the 9th World Hindi Conference

September 24, 2012

  • The 9th World Hindi Conference was organized in Johannesburg, South Africa from 22-24 September, 2012. Organization of the conference in South Africa reflects historic, strong and growing relationship of India and it's people, with not only South Africa but the entire region of Africa. This is also a tribute from the global community of Hindi lovers to Mahatma Gandhi's association with the country.
  • The conference expressed its gratitude to Dr. Nelson Mandela, the great leader of the South Africa who imbibed the eternal principles of peace, non-violence and justice propounded by Mahatma Gandhi, who showed the way to an honourable life to the people of not only his own country but the entire humanity.
  • The 9th World Hindi Conference, which was attended by Hindi scholars, litterateurs and Hindi lovers from all over the world, underlined the following issues:
    1. Gandhi's linguistics vision has a fundamental contribution to the growing globalization of Hindi.
    2. The idea of setting up the World Hindi Secretariat was conceived at the first World Hindi Conference. This Conference appreciates the efforts and support of the Govt. of India and Govt. of Mauritius for realizing this idea by setting up the Secretariat in Mauritius.
    3. The Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalya is also an outcome of the decisions adopted by the World Hindi Conference. This University is doing a commendable job in promotion and propagation of Hindi as also in developing appropriate modern teaching tools.
    4. The Conference also appreciates the work being done by the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan for developing appropriate syllabus and by conducting classes for foreigners as wells as for Indian student from non Hindi speaking regions, and thus promoting and propagating Hindi.
    5. The Conference also appreciates the work being done by the electronic and print media especially Hindi media, films and theatre who are taking knowledge at the door steps through the media of Hindi.
    6. It appreciates the work being done by Hindi Shiksha Sangha and other organizations in South Africa for Hindi teaching and for promotion of Hindi. It expresses its gratitude to them for their support to Hindi.
    7. The interest of the youth in Hindi is increasing which is also a part of role being played by development of IT tools as well as Hindi films, electronic media and social media. It is also a result of linking Hindi language to trade, commerce and the market.
    8. The foreign students are learning Hindi for reasons other than their interest in Hindi language, literature and Indian culture which proves its relevance and importance in the global context.
    9. The role of Pravasi writers in the promotion of Hindi is also commendable.
    10. A Samarika and a special issue of Ganganchal magazine were published on this occasion. The Conference commends the work of the editorial boards for the publication of this magazine.
    11. A composite exhibition on Hindi language, literature, Information Technology and life and works of Mahatma Gandhi was put up on this occasion. All participants showed great interest in the exhibition. The conference appreciates the efforts of the organizers of the exhibition.
    12. The cultural programmes performed by the artists of Indian Council of cultural relations and local artists of South Africa also greatly impressed the participants. The conference appreciates the organizers of these programmes.
    13. A daily news bulletin was brought out on the various activities of the conference every day. It appreciates the efforts and the hard work put in by the Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Vishwavidyalay for this.
    14. The conference expresses its deep gratitude to the Government of South Africa for their support, cooperation, assistance for the conference due to which the conference could be organized successfully.
  • In view of the action taken as detailed above, the conference desires that:
    1. The World Hindi Secretariat in Mauritius may create a resource centre of database regarding Universities, Schools and Educational Institutions engaged in teaching Hindi in different countries.
    2. The World Hindi Secretariat may also create a database regarding Hindi scholars, writers and the people engaged in promotion of Hindi worldwide.
    3. In view of the compatibility of Hindi language with Information Technology the IT institutions may continue the important work of developing Hindi language related tools and all possible support should be given in realization of the subject.
    4. Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Wardha is authorized to prepare a standard syllabus for teaching Hindi to the foreigners.
    5. In order to promote Hindi teaching in Africa and in view of the global environment, interest and aspiration of the youth, appropriate literature and books may be prepared.
    6. Adequate software in Devanagari Lipi may also be developed so that Hindi speakers and lovers across the world may benefit from it.
    7. In view of the importance of translation and in the context of its various dimentions there is need for research, appropriate action may be taken in this direction.
    8. Thematic Regional Hindi Conferences are held in different countries in the interim period between the World Hindi Conferences. There objective is to address the problems faced in teaching and promotion of Hindi in the respective regions. Commending this effort the conference emphasized that this work should be encourage further.
    9. There is a tradition to honour Indian and Foreign scholars during the World Hindi Conferences. In keeping with the prestige of the honour, the commendation should be given an appropriate nomenclature and called 'Vishwa Hindi Samman'.
    10. Underlining the resolution passed in the previous World Hindi Conference the conference calls for ensuring a time bound action for getting Hindi recognize as one of the official languages of the United Nation.
    11. As far as possible the interval between two World Hindi Conference should be a maximum of three years. The 10th World Hindi Conference may be organized in India.

September 24, 2012


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