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FAQs Related to Merger of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs With Ministry of External Affairs

After the merger of Ministry of Overseas Affairs (MOIA) with Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) where can I find information about schemes, policies, programmes of MOIA?

Following the merger of MOIA with MEA, the website of MOIA has been integrated with the website of MEA. All information regarding the schemes, policies, programmes, events pertaining to overseas Indians can be found in the website of the MEA under the Section "Overseas Indian Affairs”.

Since MOIA no longer exists whom should I contact regarding complaints or grievances regarding overseas employment , OCI & PIO cards, issues faced by Indian students, property issues of NRIs and PIOs in India?

The Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Missions and Consulates abroad will continue to address grievances, petitions and complaints pertaining to the above issues. You can register such complaints either in the grievance redressal portal ‘MADAD’ or on the portal for overseas employment of ECR workers ‘E-migrate’. Officers of the Ministry and Indian Missions/Posts will address these complaints and respond to the grievances through these portals.

After the merger of MOIA with MEA, who will organize Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) that used to be held every year in India?

Following the merger, PBD will be held by MEA in India. It has been decided to re-energize the PBD event – with the PBD Convention being held once in two years in India. In the intervening years, PBD Conferences will be held in Delhi. As part of the revised format, PBD Convention will now be held in January 2017. PBD Conferences are being held from February-November 2016 in Delhi on issues of interest to the Diaspora and the Government. In addition, Regional PBD will continue to be held in selected countries every year.

Whom should we contact regarding problems relating to OCI cards?

Following the merger of MOIA with MEA, OCI cards printing will be handled in India by MEA. All grievances regarding issues of OCI cards can be registered in the grievance redressal portal "MADAD”.

Whom should we contact in case of any insurance claims with the Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana (PBBY) ?

The Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana (PBBY) is now handled by the MEA. All issues related to PBBY claims can be addressed to US (OIA-I) ( in OIA-I Division of the Ministry.

Who will manage the Indian Community Welfare Fund? What are the welfare services covered under the scheme?

Following the merger, MEA is managing the Indian Community Welfare Fund. The services provided under the scheme to distressed Indians, in deserving cases include boarding & lodging for distressed Overseas Indian workers in household/domestic sectors & unskilled labourers, emergency medical care, initial legal help, air passage to stranded Overseas Indians (OI), incidentals & airlifting of mortal remains to India or local cremation/burial of deceased OIs, penalties for illegal stay of OIs in host country where worker is not a fault, small fines/penalties for release of OIs in jail/detention centre etc.