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Facilitation of Foreign Media

Visa for Journalists

All Foreign journalists travelling to India for any purpose are required to obtain a 'J' (Journalist) visa, including those who are visiting for tourism or for attending conferences. They should approach the nearest Indian Mission for obtaining the visa and other travel documents.Foreign journalists including interns / trainees coming to India to work in Indian media organizations require 'E' (Employment) visa, which are governed by specific rules as per the Visa Manual.

Clearance for OCI Journalists

An OCI travelling to India for undertaking journalistic work is required to contact the nearest Indian Mission abroad for clearance. He may apply for the required permission at following link https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome under the tab named ‘Apply for Special Permission’ and fill up the given online form.

OCI who is already in India and intend to take up any journalistic work here is also required to seek prior clearance. He may visit the abovementioned link and fill up the online form for the clearance.

Extension of visa for foreign Journalists

External Publicity (XP) Division can endorse an application for extension of visa for bonafide journalists (who arrive on a short term visa visualized at point I above), based on which the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO), Ministry of Home Affairs, extends the visa.

Journalists seeking extension of visa are required to report to XP Division, Ministry of External Affairs on arrival and submit an online application at following link: https://meacms.mea.gov.in/meaindiabeat/Foreign_Journalists_Registration.aspx (for the journalist and family members), with supporting letter of employment/assignment from the parent organization, residential proof, valid passport (with previous visa stamp), copy of PIB accreditation card, copies of recent publications, one photograph each of self and family members and other required supporting document to :

  • Deputy Secretary (Press Relations)
    XP Division
    Ministry of External Affairs
    Room 138, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi- 110001
    23488347, 23488123

Clearances for visiting restricted/protected areas

Foreign journalists wishing to travel to restricted or protected areas have to apply to XP Division, MEA in the prescribed format along with the documents listed below. The application would be forwarded to MHA by XP Division. The permission is issued by XP Division in consultation with MHA. Foreign journalists are required to send the following documents through email to Deputy Secretary (Press Relations, XP Division at uspr[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in, with a copy to poxfm[at]meaindia[dot]com.

  • Application form (download)
  • Letter from organization
  • Copy of Passport (PDF file)
  • Copy of latest visa (PDF file)
  • Photograph (JPEG format)
  • Tentative itinerary including dates of travel.

OCI journalists wishing to travel to restricted or protected areas need to apply on the following link https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome under the tab named ‘Apply for Special Permission’ and fill up the given online form.

(Following link at MHA website may be referred for information regarding Protected Area Permission/Restricted Area Permission AnnexIII 01022018

Orientation Programme for Foreign Journalists

XP Division organizes periodic orientation programmes for Foreign Journalists based in India, during which information about governmental setup, visa, regulatory requirements and other inputs are made available. Journalists on first arrival are advised to contact DS (PR), XP Division for registering themselves for the said programme. They would be informed of the date and venue of the programme as and when such programmes are organized.