Consular Services

Diplomatic Official Passport

Issuance of Diplomatic/Official Passports & visa notes

The CPV Division issues diplomatic and official passports to Indian Government officials proceeding abroad for official assignments/visits.

Diplomatic/Official passports are issued with specific validity 5 years or less, depending on the position of the holder and the nature of assignment/visit.

The CPV Division also issues visa notes to Indian Government officials going abroad for an official assignment or visit. Requests for visa notes have to be submitted in the form of a letter addressed to Joint Secretary (CPV) along with supporting documents related to the official assignment/visit.

If the application forms for the Diplomatic/Official passport and/or the visa note requests are in order, the same would normally be processed in 3-5 working days.

Diplomatic/Official passports are also issued by RPOs concerned subject to clearance by CPV Division.

  • General instructions for applying for Diplomatic/Official passports online: Click hereExternal website that opens in a new window
  • For the list of documents required for issuance of Diplomatic/Official Passport and visa notes:Click hereExternal website that opens in a new window