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Prime Minister’s Intervention at Working Lunch of ASEM

October 25, 2008

(PM was the first speaker)

PM :
We have had a very fruitful discussion and dialogue. There is complete agreement among all of us that ASEM is a powerful forum to deal with global issues.

We are all agreed regarding the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But our pre-occupation with the global financial crisis should not detract from pursuing the goal of fulfillment of MDGs.

We are half-way in 2008 to reach the targets (of MDGs) set for 2015. However, the way things are moving, few believe that those targets will be met. One participant had mentioned the amount required for the purpose. The UN Secretary-General has been able to secure pledges of only US $ 16 billion. This is reflective of the unequal world that we live in.

We should be concerned about the fulfillment of the MDGs which requires far more energetic efforts. Far more energy is required if we are to meet the goals by 2015, rather than later discuss why we did not realize those goals.

Thank you.

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